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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Development of an integrated audio-visual impact siting tool


The objective of the project is the construction of a tool which will incorporate the environmental (audio and visual) impact in the design and economic evaluation of a wind turbine/park installation and facilitate licensing procedure by offering the planning authorities an important input for their deliberations.

The project deliverables will be a preliminary video of the visual display of the wind park to show the proposed capabilities of the tool and the full simulation code and training/operating manual.

Wind turbines/parks are environment-friendly installations from the pollutants emissions and natural resources exhaustion point of view, and their only possible negative impact on the environment is the audio-visual intrusion. Thiw problem may become even more important when wind parks are to be installed next to villages or sites of aesthetic ant touristic interest. The project aims to the development of an engineering tool for the audio and visual environmental impact assessment of wind turbine/park installations in order to assist in the design phase and the licensing procedure.

The simulation tool will comprise commercial software, applications software and appropriate hardware on which the software will run. A shell will be required with open architecture to enable integration, control and streaming of input/output. It is expected that the final product of hte project will incorporate a number of features such as a "walk-through" option, iclusion of shadow flicker or blade reflectins, data banks for icons of several types of wind turbines, noise computation, estimates of financial implications.

The tool to be developed will be applied in two existing wind parks and the simulator efficiency will be tested.

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