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Archaeological sites protection implementing renewable energy


The objective of this project is the Innovative Protection of the Bronze Age City (late Minoan) at Akrotiri, on the island of Santorini, through the research and development of high-technology methods for: - The preservation of this historic monumental National Heritage area. - The replacement of the existing site roof by a new state-of-theart site envelope.
- The creation of a bioenvironmental conceptual design for the whole excavation site.
- The design of a low energy-demand air conditioning system for the inside areas of the site.

The expected results will ensure the protection of the archaeological site from weather conditions and will constitute a good quality environment for the exhibits and visitors, by the use of the appropriate passive and active solar components.

For the protection of historic findings and in particular when they are made of materials which have lost their cohesion and have decorations (such as frescoes), a site envelope is required which will ensure the minimal exposure of the monuments to the various external hazardous conditions and a properly controlled environment has to be designed taking into account the daylighting and air conditioning requirements from both the conservation-preservation and exhibition-presentation points of view. For large scale archaeological sites, the equivalent building envelope for weather protection and the extended air conditioning system required for controlled environment, combined with the enormous energy demand, has made these solutions extremely expensive and therefore not applicable. The aim of the proposed research methods and techniques is the introduction and application of renewable energy sources which will solve most of the problems involved in the protection of archaeological sites and large scale historic monuments in the most efficient way, taking into account the everday growing worldwide interest for reduction of energy consumption and the protection of the environment. Furtheremore, the technical experience gained from this project will be shared not only with other European Union members, but also with third parties facing the problem of protection of archeological sites and as such, merits European Community funding.

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