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Use of pyrolytic oils in gas turbines


This feasibility study will evaluate the possibilities of the utilisation of pyrolytic oils in conventional gas turbines.

The objective will be to define the optimal conditions of operation, and to identify the eventual problems of operation with such a fuel.

The model of turbine is an ARTOUSTE (TURBOMECA). The maximal power output is around 300 kW using kerosene fuel (JP4).

The experimental plant is composed by:

- the turbine;
- the kerosene fuel tank for the starting procedure;
- the controlled mixed fuel tank for operation;
- the gearbox;
- the electromagnetic brake for load control;
- the instrumentation and control panel.

The instrumentation enables the following parameters to be measured:

- the rotation speed;
- the inlet and exhaust gas temperatures;
- the pressure after compression;
- the fuel consumption;
- the load level.

The problem of pyrolytic oils viscosity was solved by dissolving the fuel with ethanol.
The feasibility study shows that in this gas turbine the combustion of a mixed fuel is possible up to a ratio of 80% (in mass) of pyrolytic oil and 20% of ethanol without modifying the fuel circuit.

The study shows also the sensitivity of the fuel circuit to the polymerisation of pyrolytic oils in contact with hot surfaces.

In the future, care should be taken regarding polymerisation of pyrolytic oils in such an installation.


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