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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Upgrading of pyrolysis oils from biomass in existing refinery structures. Phase I : Compatibility of pyrolysis oils with conventional crude oils


Testing of compatibility and miscibility of pyrolysis oil from biomass with mineral crude oil. Exploration of possibilities how to feed pyrolysis oil into standard refineries.

Phase I will explore the possibilities how pyrolysis oils may enter into a modern refinery and will answer the question if a primary upgrading step, e.g. at the pyrolysis site, is necessary. First exploitation tests for up- grading of biomass oil/crude oil mixtures will be performed.

If the approach of a mixing stabilized pyrolysis liquids to standard refinery streams proves to be suitable - and there are question marks concerning stability of catalysts, hydrogen consumption, product qualities etc.- the results generated can be used for a sound scale up to a commercial scale, because VEBA OEL has developed reactor models which are checked against existing commercial crude oil processing plants. That means, after project completion all necessary information for the next step (commercial scale plants) is generated.

Experimental Program for Phase I :

1) Characterization of pyrolysis oils with respect to needs of mineral oil processing

2) Miscibility of pyrolysis oils and mineral crude oils
3) Desalting/draining of mixtures of pyrolysis oils and mineral crude oils
4) Influence of pyrolysis oils on distillation behaviour
5) Investigation of corrosion problems
6) First exploitation tests on upgrading


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