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Integrated pilot-project for energy-industrial conversion of biomass


To investigate the suitability of the raw material obtained from the Abruzzo Region/Italy for pulping purposes on the basis of the ASAM process

Since previous laboratory tests have demonstrated the principal suitability of this raw material, further tests on semi-commercial scale are required in order to enlarge upon the economy of the process as well as to develop design parameters required for planning a market pulp mill on a commercial scale.

The raw material for the investigation will be

- coppice, a mixture of different wood species (mainly beech, oak and chestnut), growing in the Abruzzo Region
- bagasse from sweet sorghum, cultivated in the region as residue from sugar production.

The main process steps are:

- COOKING. Conditions of cooking will have to be adjusted in order to optimize the delignification and physical properties of the corresponding pulp qualities.
- BLEACHING. The various ASAM-pulp will be subjected to chlorine-free bleaching sequences with the aim of producing bleached pulp qualities at high strength levels with brightness values exceeding 85 % ISO for hardwood and 80 % ISO for bagasse pulp.


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Kraftanlagen AG
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Agro Industria Energia Srl

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