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Installation of a pyrolysis pilot plant for lignocellulosic biomass conversion


To set up an experimental plant in order to improve lignocellulosic biomass conversion. The aim of the experiment is to maximise the biofuel yield for electricity production.

The research will be executed in the frame of the integrated LEBEN-ABRUZZO project with close collaboration with KRAFTANLAGEN, CONSORTIUM VAL VOMANO and ENEL. The pilot plant will produce coal, Bio oil and gas. The rate will not be less than 100Kg of wet biomass per hour. Operating temperature should be between 450 C and 550 C. The combustion of the converted biomass will not harm the environment as the sulphur content is very limited. An assessment of the operative limits will be done with a study of transportability of the pyrolysis plant.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Bio Alternative Italia Srl
Via Caffaro 1/23
16124 Genova