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Organic fertilizer research


To investigate chemical separation of slurry from animal husbandry in order to enable production of organic based fertilizers and to visualize the aspects of organic fertilizers in integrated schemes as regards energy and environment.

The research project is carried out as a laboratory verification of a theoretical concept to precipitate N-P-K in slurry by means of chemical methods, utilizing the formation of heavy solvent crystalline inclusion compounds.

Reactions which are under investigation and verification:

CO(NH2)2 + X A CO(NH2)2X

NH3 + M + HPO4 A NH4MPO4

where M can be: Al, Cu, Mn, Be, Mg, Co, Fe, Zn, Ca, Ag etc. where X can be: organic and inorganic acids as (COOH)2, CH2(COOH)2, (CH2)2(COOH)2, HOC(COOH)(CH2COH)2, HNO3, H2SO4, H3PO4, etc. alcohols, mercaptans, ketones esters, etc.

The scientific concept emerges from Dr. Vesterager, Agrotech, DE, to whom patent right is reserved. The theoretical concept implies costs of only 1.8 Ecu/m3, which will be verified in economic terms.

The present phase of the coordinated research is envisaged to accomplish the scientific background for a second phase aiming further EC support to a pre pilot verification of the results obtained in the first phase.

The aspects and importance of organic fertilizers in integrated schemes are investigated by drawing area balances of energy and environment with special attention to the conditions in Ireland.


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Krüger A/S
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Agroteck Beratung GmbH

2390 Flensburg

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Hyperion Energy Systems Ltd.
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