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Synthetic gas production from wood - the eucalyptus case in Portugal - feasibility study - economic viability


The objective is to appreciate on eucalyptus wood from Portugal the possibilities of the process, by performing 24 hours gasification runs, under stabilized conditions. These tests will allow to validate the ability of the process to the production of syngas from eucalyptus wood. They will also allow to experimentally determine, on a significant period, all the data on the process. They will give the necessary information for the economic evaluation.


A) Preparation of the unit to gasification tests which will be performed on the eucalyptus wood from Portugal. Pre-determination of operating conditions, by the realization of short runs under stabilized conditions.

B) Realization of 24 hours duration runs, on eucalyptus wood from Portugal, under stabilized gasification conditions. Quantity = 100 to 250 tons woods (dry basis). Continuous registration of operating conditions (pressure - temperature - flow rates). Continuous analysis, by gas chromatography, of the produced synthesis gas, and of the gaseous and solid effluents.

C) Detailed analysis of the results. Material and energy balances. Average analysis of the main gas components (CO - H2 - CH4 - CO2). Analysis of the secondary components. Analysis of process water (tests already performed on oak wood-chips on the atmospheric pilot plant of the furnace (400 kg/h wood) had revealed the presence in the effluent process water of cyanides and the absence of phenols. These components will be analyzed in the case of eucalyptus wood in order to specify the adapted treatment of effluent. Determination of the yield / of unburnt carbon. Interpretation.


On the basis of results obtained on the pressurized gasification unit of Clamecy of eucalyptus wood, a feasibility study of an integrated methanol (or ammoniac) from wood project unit in case of Portugal will be made, including :

- Identification of the eucalyptus wood resource; mobilization of the resource; cost of the resource.
- Methanol (or ammoniac) from wood plant: composition of the plant; description of processes; technical and economical parameters; evaluation of investment in the unit; methanol (or ammoniac) production cost.
- Social economic impact of that integrated methanol (or ammoniac) from eucalyptus wood complex, in case of the region of AVEIRO (Portugal).
- Comparison with the local energetic context and perspectives


GIE Association pour le Développement des Carburants par la Gazéification du Bois
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Campo Universitario De Santiago
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