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Content archived on 2024-04-16

The establishment of design parameters for the development of a fluidized bed system operating in regimes of fast to flash pyrolysis to produce synthetic fuels in a combined cycle


The project aims at establishing design parameters and operating conditions for a fluidised bed system in which both regimes of fast and flash pyrolysis will be used with the purpose of optimising the production of liquid fuels.

The products obtained are then to be subjected to further treatment for improving their quality as premium fuels and the use of zeolites as catalysts will be investigated for upgrading liquid fuels.

The work program involves studying the application of regimes of fast to flash pyrolysis to produce liquid fuels from biomass using zeolites as catalyst in a fluidised bed reactor. The results obtained will be used to establish design parameters for optimising operating conditions to maximise the yield of liquid fuels whilst ensuring favourable cost of production.

The main tasks of the work undertaken are as follows :

1) Determination of the influence of following parameters on pyrolysis reactions: Temperature, Nature of biomass, Rate of heat transfer, Particle size and shape, Different amounts of addition of steam and hydrogen, Residence time, Rate of particle heating, Pressure, Effect of zeolites on the overall reaction chemistry and, Effect of water-shift reaction...

2) The assessment of the above-cited parameters on the yields of gaseous and liquid fuels.

3) Optimisation of operating conditions to maximise yields of liquid fuels.

4) Establishment of main design parameters for reactor design.

The work will be carried out in three main phases :

1) Batch studies on a 0.1 m ID reactor to determine reaction kinetics and to understand the effects of the parameters listed above. Analyses of data obtained in Phase 1 and based on conclusions further experimental work on a pilot-scale pyrolyser.

2) Determination of further measure for upgrading the final liquid products. The results from first three phases will enable the range of operating conditions to be identified to optimise the overall yield.

3) Having determined the favourable conditions for reactor design, the parameters most relevant to the produce required end product will be specified.


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