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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Third generation pyrolysis plant for integrated ENEL - agricultural development system


To implement a pilot scale unit working with all the cycle from biomass production to its conversion into bio-fuels through a pyrolytic process. To generate a collaborative linkage between agricultural and industrial operators, aiming to provide economical and environmental benefits.

The Esau project works in the agricultural cycle (biomass production); another project managed by ENEL flows parallel working in the industrial cycle (pyrolysis unit). The agricultural cycle includes all the topics related to the biomass production and to its farm treatment. The main concept of this research project is that the base implementation for any energy-biomass project must be the optimisation of the biomass production. For this topic the project forecasts many actions in biomass species selection, cropping, harvesting, drying, transport. These actions will involve public operators (ESAU, Comunita Montane) and private bodies (Consorzio Umbria AGREE, farmers, machinery manufacturers and operators). The project will be completed in 16 months. The biomass production will be focused in three lines:

1) In flat irrigable land cropping sweet sorghum and utilising its bagasse (100 tons of dry material), after the juice extraction.

2) In hilly marginal land utilising existing S.R.I.C. (Short Rotation Intensive Culture) made mainly with Robinia (Black locust) and Ginestra (Spartium Junceum) and implementing new plantings (100 tons of dry material).

3) In existing coppice wood land (bosco ceduo) by its conversion in high forest (1000 tons).

The main works will include: seed selection, seedling nursery establishment, seedling planting, cultivation works, harvesting (annual plants and wood), chipping, passive solar drying, storage, transport.

The final destination of the dry biomass will be the ENEL Central Power Station of BASTARDO (PG), in which a pyrolysis unit will be implemented by ENEL. ENEL will build and manage the unit fed by biomass, producing bio-fuels, ready to be tested in the central power. The ENEL activity is parallel to the ESAU project, also if, from the administrative point of view, the two projects are governed by two separate contracts with EEC. The partners (ESAU and ENEL) will perform several inter-linkages and feed-back loops aimed at the optimisation of all steps of the research project.


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