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Biomass expert system


The aim of this project is to build an information system for economics in biomass. It integrates a central European data base of consistent information that feeds models and expert systems.
The Biomass Information System (BIS) project has built information system about techniques and economics in biomass. It integrates a central European database of consistent information connected with model and expert system applications.
Theorganization is based on a network of European research institutions, companies and experts. The whole system is ordered by the Commission of the European Communities (CEC); the database is a CEC product.

A consistent set of data will be available, at the European level for CEC decision makers. Economic studies will have the same basis and can be compared or linked, and because of a good knowledge of existing data, new models can be built accordingly and investments from regions and industries can be prepared in better conditions.
The objective of this contract is to develop a scale model of an information system in biomass where the necessary modules are integrated. These modules are :

- The information system composed of a database where data are stored;
- The models where technical and economical analysis is done at a quantitative level;
- The expert systems in the fields of biomass, an other way of system analysis, where qualitative data could be included.

The systems, where analysis could be done (models and expert systems) will receive consistent information from the data base. Then, they will produce results a subset of which will be stored in the information system.

The data base will have a double role :

- Giving a basis for the consultation whatever the user is original data from official sources and transformed data from local system will be available;
- Giving a basis for the models and expert systems settlement.

The short term objective is to gather data about :

- Biomass production and harvesting : about crops like short rotation forestry, Miscanthus, Sorghum, Robina.
- Biomass use :

in industry : paper pulp,
in energy : Heat, Electricity, Liquid fuel.

The model will be a tool to evaluate, at the district and regional levels, the technical, social economic and environmental impacts of the industrial use of biomass. The expert system will answer to the question : "how to generate power from biomass sources? What is the social economic impact of the solution?". As the information system in its first version will only be legible by experts, the long term objective is to build a complete information system on biomass for any level of user (from experts to regional planners) by :

- Increasing the covered fields
- Improving the data base query system
- Building more complete models and expert systems.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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