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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Utilisation of biofuels in gas turbines cycles and combined turbine steam cycles. Basic development and experimentation on fuel size plants.


The objective of the project is to study the viability of a number of biofuels, char-water and char-oil slurries as fuel for gas turbines and for other thermal machinery. Samples of fuels will be supplied by some of the teams participating in the collaborative project.

Although some physicochemical analysis work will be performed, most of the work within the project will consist of combustion tests in actual operative conditions (burners, gas turbines, diesels, etc).

The work programme will consist of 3 tasks that connect internally and with the work performed by the Organizations participating in the coordinated R&D activity.

Task 1: Characterization of fuels

The information provided on physical and chemical characteristics of fuels will be completed. A number of tests, similar to those applied for commercial fuels will be applied for qualification. In general, standarized procedures for fuel analysis and qualification will be used.

The following list is a limited exposition of the analysis to be applied for the samples:

- Distillation curves
- Flash Point
- Carbon residues
- Cetane number (when applicable)
- Aging characteristics
- Kinematic viscosity
- Sedimentation velocity.

Task 2: Compatibility with elements and parts of the fuel systems in power equipment.

A wide number of problem areas will be analyzed in order to predict the overall performance of this biofuels before entering in the combustion chamber and to advance some problems appearing in the combustion chamber that are not directly linked to combustion characteristics (compatibility with lubricants).

The following list is not limitative:

- Compatibility with tubes and gaskets (corrosion)
- Handling characteristics for fuel pumps
- Long term stability in storage tanks and feeding pipes
- Gum and deposit formation by conducted heat
- Obstruction of nozzles
- Viscosity. Requirements for pressurization
- Compatibility with lubricants.


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