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Miscanthus European Network


To assess establishment, yield and sustainability of yield at contrasting geographical locations in Europe for Miscanthus.

1. To establish 4000 plants of Miscanthus sinensis "giganteus" at each of two sites (At Kinsale and Cashel).

2. To monitor the success of establishment, growth rate and development of plants over the growing season (June - Dec '90).

3. To measure the light interception efficiency by the canopy and the rate of canopy closure.

4. To obtain daily weather records from time of planting onwards.

5. To harvest the crop at the end of the growing season (Jan-March '91).

6. To determine total dry matter harvest, and analyse sub-samples for ash, energy, total nitrogen, silica and heavy metals content.

7. To broadcast two levels of fertiliser treatment (limiting and non-limiting nitrogen) at beginning of new growing season (March-April '91).


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