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Techno-economical evaluation of bioethanol prospects in Europe


To assess the economical prospects of ethanol making in Europe

Considering the technical and economical context, an assessment of cost production for ethanol made from conventional ressources (beefroot, corn, maize...) grown on ordinary agricultural land will be done. The cost of bioethanol production from specific new crops like sweet sorghum, jerusalem artichoke, grown at low fertiliser level on set a side lands will be assessed too. The impact of new industrial methods on production cost will be investigated. The specific study on sweet sorghum based on data collected by the European Sweet Sorghum network over the past 3 years will provide information about the ligno cellulosic bagasse valorisation, with a view to produce paper paste, electricity, biofuel, compost etc.

Various scenarios considering centralised and decentralised sweet sorghum production will help the analysis of ethanol cost production.


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