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Sweet Sorghum Network


I. Harvesting machine

1. To make available a light, low cost harvesting machine optimized for the new sweet-sorghum crop and suitable also for hilly, smaller farms.
2. To obtain a good system for rispe-panicle recovery and leaves separation
3. To obtain a satisfactory system able to harvest plantations lodged under the effect of strong winds.

II. Sugar-juice separating machine

1. To obtain an efficient sugar recovery machine (above 90%)
2. To obtain a low cost sugar separation process (around 200-250 ECU/ha)
3. To obtain a low energy input process.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Rapanelli Fioravante SpA
Via Umbria 14
06034 Foligno Perugia

Participants (1)

Pasquali Macchine Agricole Srl
30,Via Nuova 30
50041 Firenze - Calenzano