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The BIO-UCF (Ultracarbofluid): a liquid fuel oil in boiler, diesel engine and gas turbine applications


This bio-UCF process has been patented (world patent 1987) for the production of the pre-purified charcoal based liquid fuel substitute by CADET INTERNATIONAL. It involves a selective agglomeration step for the charcoal deep de-ashing prior its slurryation.

The originality of the process is the utilisation of light fuel oil as selective agglomerant, followed by a slurryation step, thus leading to a ternary mixture, named BIO-UCF.

The present proposed research aims at the formulation of new BIO-UCF that could reach the gas turbine combustion standards.

Direct utilization of this bio-fuel in gas turbines will permit a decentralized power generation for water supply, local electricity generation and marine propulsion. Considerable advantages can be gained from the development of a purified bio-carbo fuel:

- valorization of domestic resources for fuel production via the re-utilization of wood wastes and agricultural residues;
- valorization of short rotation coppices (poplar/eucalyptus) for contribution to a solution for diversification of European agriculture;
- utilization a "cleaner fuel" that could easily match the EEC emission standards without downstream flue gas treatment installations, thus minimizing investment costs for a clean air policy;
- export of the technology to developing countries for a local fuel production aiming at decentralized utilization of gas turbine for local generation of irrigation.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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