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Content archived on 2024-04-16

TECLA project : European absorption air conditioning technology


Development of two ammonia/water absorption heat pumps for heating/air conditioning applications built according to different concepts and for different application areas (medium 50 kW and large size 100-500 kW).

Absorption heat pumps (AHP) offer the possibility to produce heat with very high efficiency. Systems which use 30-50% less primary energy than conventional systems are envisaged; AHP can also be used for refrigeration. It is possible to use a variety of fuels such as methane, coal. oil, waste heat, solar heat, but methane is predominantly used. In a EC market study, heating/air conditioning (e.g. In Southern European countries and office buildings all over Europe) was identified as one of the most promising application areas. This project therefore aims at the development of AHP for such applications. Work will be carried out on two types of ammonia/water AHP: a medium size unit (50 kW) consisting of two stages with different solutions, thus increasing the efficiency. A large unit consisting of a single stage with very compact heat exchangers (700 to 1400 m2/m3) and a new type of solution pump.

The project will be carried out in the following way: a first study will be made of the heating/air conditioning market in Europe including the regulations in different countries. On the basis of the data obtained, the basic components of the two proposed prototypes will be designed and constructed. Special attention will be given to the design of the burners and combustion chambers, to achieve the maximum efficiency in the consumption of primary energy and reduce the emissions of pollutants, especially NOx. The experimental prototypes will then be assembled and tested, carrying out the required iterations to optimize the operation of the system. In parallel, the external exchange units will be adapted and integrated and the regulation and control system will be designed. Once the tests of the experimental prototypes have been completed, the pre-commercial prototypes will be constructed with their final configuration. Lastly, the construction specifications of the heat pumps will be developed to permit the r industrial operation.


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