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Content archived on 2024-04-16

All-solid-state rechargeable lithium polymer battery and swing system electrodes


To solve the problems with scale-up of rechargeable all-solid-state lithium polymer battery and improve its cyclability and power density for electric vehicle applications.

To manufacture a 1kWh electric vehicle prototype battery semi-automatically with target characteristics :

capacity 1 kWh
specific energy 150 Wh/kg
specific power 150 W/kg
specific peak power 300 W/kg
service life 1000 cycles
temperature range -20 to +60 C
price 100 ECU/kWh

The work programme is divided into 7 packages :

Material R&D (electrolytes ; electrodes)
Process development
Lab. production
Battery design
Laminate and battery packaging
Pilot production
Battery test

In an extension of this project, the TU DELFT, NL, and the Universities of St-Andrews and Southampton, GB, carry out basic R and D on the improvement of electrodes and electrolytes.


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