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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Technical economic modelling of chemical process systems


1) To study the technologies available for the reduction of greenhouse and other pollutant gas emissions from power plants, using the simulation package developed under Contract EN3V-0018.

2) To modify this package so that it can be used to study the effect of changing feedstock quality or product slate on the operation of chemical process plant particularly oil refineries.

1) The Eclipse computer based process simulation package will be used to carry out technical economic studies of the alternative technologies available to reduce or eliminate the emissions of greenhouse and other pollutant gases from coal fired power generation plant.

For example it will study the recovery of carbon dioxide from:

conventional coal fired plant using a scrubber system,
conventional coal fired plant with oxygen enriched air feed,
combined cycle coal combustion plants, where fluidised bed gasification and combustion and gas turbines are used.

This study will include an appraisal of the options available for the safe disposal of the liquid carbon dioxide so produced.

2) The Eclipse package will be modified so that it can used to predict the performance of planned or existing chemical process plant, particularly oil refineries, under conditions of changing feedstock or product slate. These types of changes could be envisaged if, for example, there were a change from oil based feedstock to coal based feedstock.

This work involves changing the program so that the critical operating parameters of existing process plant can be measured and then used to predict how this plant would operate under different conditions and extending the chemical compounds database to include oil fractions and ensuring that the methods used to predict their properties are the ones recommended by API.


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