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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Erosion / corrosion of advanced materials for coal-fired combined cycle power generation


This project aims to develop and validate an erosion/corrosion life prediction model for materials in the hot gas paths of coal-fired advanced power generation systems. The model should be applicable to both fluidised bed gasification and combustion systems.

There is considerable interest in the development of coal fired combined cycle power generation systems for the efficient, environmentally acceptable generation of power. The successful development of both coal gasification and combustion based power generation systems requires that their components are manufactured from appropriate materials, and that these materials give acceptable and predictable in-service performance. An erosion/corrosion life prediction model will be a valuable asset in the development of these power generation systems.

In order to achieve the objective outlined above, this project combines two industrial organisations (British Coal and SCK - CEN) with interests in development of these new power generation systems. Additionally, it involves two university departments (UMIST and Cranfield) and an industrial research organisation (NPL) with considerable expertise and experience in the fields of erosion and/or corrosion.

The following tasks will be carried out in order to develop a successful erosion/corrosion based life prediction model:

1) Assessment and identification of the environments of critical components so that the model can be focused on these areas.

2) Microstructural and surface finish characterisation of a set of reference materials for use in all laboratory and plant trials.

3) Laboratory studies to assess the erosion and/or corrosion behaviour of a range of materials in oxidising and reducing environments.

4) Development of a mathematical model of the erosion/corrosion behaviour of the materials based on the laboratory studies, for use in life predictions.

5) In-plant trials in atmospheric and pressurised coal gasification and combustion plants to validate the erosion/corrosion model as correctly predicting the in-plant materials behaviour. In particular this task will involve trials in the hot gas path of the pressurised fluidised bed combustor at Grimethorpe, which is being utilised as part of British coal's Topping Cycle Development programme for power generation.


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