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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Exploration oriented seismic modelling and inversion.


Basic research, development and application of advanced methods for 3D seismic modelling and for directed seismic inversion for use in seismic hydrocarbon exploration.

Development of advanced 3D seismic forward modelling methods and algorithms, resulting in computer program prototypes, which can handle economically seismic wave field simulations in laterally inhomogeneous models, in special situations (surface layers, offshore, VSP) or in special rheologies (viscoelastic, anisotropic).

Several methods, such as Finite Element, Finite Difference, Chebyshev and Fourier spectral methods will be investigated. Improved will result in more economic and more accurate performance on modern supercomputers.

Also, new methods based on integral equations will be investigated, developed and tested for their feasibility and performance in modelling and inversion.

Analytical reference solutions will be computed for the verification of above results. Special software for the definition and graphical display of 3D subsurface models and wavefield snapshots will be developed.

The choice of this variety of methods is aimed at finding optimum economic and accurate Full Wave solutions for a variety of situations encountered in seismic hydrocarbon exploration.

Development of methods, algorithms and computer programs for flexible, stepwise deterministic inversion strategies, based on kinematic as well as on full wave form solutions, making use of migration and integral equation methods. Investigation of the possibility to improve the tomographic reconstruction by including a priori stochastic information.

Application of modelling and inversion techniques to typical problems encountered in seismic hydrocarbon exploration and validity checks on suitable field data. Applications will include: study of 3D basin type situations including facies changes, unconformities and faults, near surface weathered layer problems; refraction and wide angle reflection studies as in deep exploration situations. The aim is to test and demonstrate the efficiency and range of applicability of all methods developed.


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