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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Development and testing of a circulating fluidized bed combustion technology with internal solids recirculation especially for integration into combined cycles and for different fuels


To develop the circulating fluidized-bed combustion system in a way that the overall efficiency increases thanks to high combustion efficiency and integration into combined-cycle processes, that it meets stringent requirements on emissions and that a variety of fuels can be burned with high availability and low investment cost.

The work program includes the extension of the existing circulating fluidized-bed pilot plant, cold flow tests, combustion tests with different fuels, combustion tests under combined cycle conditions and investigations of special measures to reduce emissions.

Four main phases will be carried out :

1) Construction, installation and monitoring of a new type of particle separator in the freeboard of the existing pilot plant, cold flow tests and various combustion tests with the new system.

2) Simulation of the performance of the CFBC-system as part of a combined cycle under specific conditions: various fuels, reduced oxygen content in combustion air, destruction of a NOx-load in the combustion air. Study of ignition, combustion and emission behaviour at reduced oxygen content in combustion air.

3) Application and investigation of special emission reduction techniques for NOx, SO2 and HCl. Testing of multiple air staging and various additives. Analysis of CFBC fly-ashes with respect to composition and eluating ability.

4) Modelling and calculating on the newly developed particle separator. Investigations of flow fields, particle trajectories, separation efficiencies and pressure drops for various geometries, gas velocities and particle loadings. Comparison of numerical results with measurement results from cold and hot flow tests.


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