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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Improved methods of coal characterization for predicting combustion behaviour as applied to a suite of coals


To create a suite of 20 well characterised coals and to prepare series of identical reference samples for use by research groups within the community. To set up a data base of all relevant data. To classify pulverised coal chars and to compare the classification data with burnout results and combustion efficiencies.

A suite of 20 coals originating from the main coal production fields of the world and from different geological areas will be prepared and will be subsequently characterised by a joint effort of SBN, the Imperial College and a number of qualified laboratories within the European Communities. In addition to the standard set of coal analysis, thermal-mechanical analysis will be applied to coal and coal ash and pyrolysis experiments in a wire mesh reactor will be performed. The tars and chars produced during pyrolysis will be analyzed by a variety of methods, such as NMR, ESR and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Comparable experiments will be carried out with maceral concentrates becoming available from another EC funded research project.

The results will be verified by a few experiments in a large scale semi-industrial furnace at IMPERIAL COLLEGE.

From the set of coals and coal macerals a number of primary chars and combustion residues will be prepared by means of a laminar flow furnace, available to SBN, and a drop tube furnace at NCRL. In addition chars will be obtained from a full scale pulverised coal power plant in the Netherlands and from a semi-industrial furnace at KEMA. Chars with two different burnout times will be sampled for each type of furnace and for each type of coal. The characteristics of the pyrolysed chars will be related to the amount and type of burnout chars in progressive stages of combustion. A comparison will be made with reference char samples to be obtained from CSIRO.

Two char classification systems will be applied and compared, i.e. a system proposed by the International Committee of Coal Petrology and a system developed by CSIRO.


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