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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Development of systems for regenerative desulphurization of CG gases in a separate FB OR CFB absorber


The aim of the present contract is research and development on smaller scale concerning the preparation and the efficiency of sorbents, as well as the process conditions to enable desulphurization during Coal Gasification (CG).

CG is an energetically favourable technique for power generation from coal. The use of sulphur sorbents, preferably regenerative, is needed to suppress sulphur emissions while undesired waste production is reduced. The results of the present research will contribute to the knowledge of the process conditions of the desulphurization of CG-gases.

The project has seven stages which are partly overlapping to allow for feed back between the associated contractors CPERI (Greece), LNETI (Portugal) and LHOIST Research and Development (Belgium):

1) Sorbent preparation to obtain testing samples
2) Sorbent testing
3) Sorbent selection based on sorbent behaviour as found
4) Selection process conditions for optimal operation
5) Model formulation as a tool to interpret the phenomena observed and to have feed back to previous stages
6) Scaling up of sorbent preparation
7) Scaling up of sorbent testing, feed back to previous stages.

This research is set up in a coordinated programme with that of the KEMA (the Netherlands) and its associates.

Within this cooperation meetings will take place to compare and discuss the results and the progress of the research.


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