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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Shallow HDR geothermal field in Lanzarote - Canary islands. Potential evaluation and heat extraction tests


The aim of the project is to evaluate the geothermal potential of a 10 km2 large area situated in the Timanfaya National Park of Lanzarote, with a view to future electricity generation via heat exchangers.

Between 1730 and 1736 an important fissural volcanic eruption took place over a length of 20 km in Lanzarote, which covered an area of 174 square km. This area, marvellously preserved from the ecological point of view, is now a National park.

Several areas with surface temperatures of 100-180 C and of 300-600 C at only 5 meters depth have been studied recently. The heat transfer model presently established for this area is based on convection of gases (95-98% N2, 0.5-1% CO2). The water vapour content detected on the surface is very low (0.0003-0.0020% Vol).

The work programme includes :

1) Determination of the heat-flow density in each geothermal anomaly, by means of shallow boreholes. Their depth will vary between 3m and 100m. It is estimated that about 1000m of borehole will be drilled.

2) Control of the quantity and quality of the fluids which reach the surface (gases and water vapour) by geochemical analyses.

3) Evaluation of the heat-flow density of each anomaly and of the entire system.

4) Design and experimentation of heat exchangers at reduced scale.

5) Evaluation of the thermodynamic efficiency of the experimental heat exchangers. Evaluation of the geothermal field.

Taking into account both the conditions on the island and protection of the environment, the design of a pre-project of suitable size to generate competitive electric energy will complete the research work of the contract.


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