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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Feasibility study of a HDR prototype at Soultz - Support of a permanent team on the site


To undertake on the Soultz site a study of the feasibility of a scientific geothermal prototype based upon Hot Dry Rock technology and to provide on the site some common logistic facilities for the European scientific groups who will carry out the necessary investigations.

A core team (1 French, 1 German, 1 British) will be installed on the site and will collect in "real time" all the information resulting from the scientific investigations which are relevant to the detailed design of a scientific Hot Dry Rock prototype integrating all the site's characteristics.

These scientific investigations will be carried by more than ten laboratories from Germany, France and Great Britain.

Simultaneously, the core team will propose the basic design of the prototype and will divide it in segments. Each will be investigated, sometimes directly by the core team (logistics, environment, legal aspects), sometimes on the bases provided by the scientific partners (geology, hydraulics, stresses, chemistry).

For all the tasks defined as necessary for the further construction, maintenance and scientific exploitation of the prototype, a database will be elaborated including listings of experts, service companies, equipment suppliers and cost elements.

If it appears that some necessary data cannot be collected in sufficient detail by the German, French and British laboratories in charge of the present scientific programme, the core team, in consultation with the Commission and the Soultz project committee, may commission the necessary research directly.


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