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Content archived on 2024-04-16

The geothermal resources in the Chaves region by geophysical and geochemical methods


To investigate the geothermal resources in the Chaves region using an integrated approach in order to formulate a model based upon geophysical, geological and geochemical results.

The work programme covers studies of different fields conducted by the institutions involved :

1) Global geological survey including remote sensing photogeology, spectral analysis and spot reconnaissance;

2) Detailed geological mapping including lithostratigraphic and structural approach;

3) Mineral and hot water springs survey and monitoring;

4) Geochemical investigation of geothermal fluids; laboratory work including water analysis (major and trace elements), isotopic analysis (D, T, 18O) and mineralogical and petrographic studies (microscopy, XR, XRF, IRS, DTA, TPA and others).

5) Gravity and magnetic mapping of the central zone of the area, using automatic processing techniques;

6) Resistivity and self-potential measurements (dipole-dipole, pole-dipole, vertical electrical soundings and mapping), low frequency magnetotelluric and audio-magnetotelluric soundings; the obtained data will be processed automatically.

All the groups involved will work closely together, discussing and comparing the results of their field measurements, thus assuring reliable parameters for the final model.

The work program will be carried out in three main phases :

1) Geological, geochemical and geophysical field work;

2) Data processing and first attempt to build up a model;

3) Establishing of the final integrated model.


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