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Content archived on 2024-04-16

European rock stresses from borehole breakouts


To apply established borehole breakout analysis techniques to logging data from existing boreholes with the aim of relating these observations to the in-situ stress field, and thus determining the extent to which breakout analysis can contribute to a knowledge of in-situ stresses.

The participants will obtain copies of dipmeter logging data from a variety of hydrocarbon and coal companies throughout western Europe. Some borehole televiewer data may also be acquired. The data collection aspects will be coordinated with those of the European Stress Map Project. It is expected that data from about 100 boreholes will be collected.

The data will be digitized and subjected to established computer-based methods of breakout analysis to determine the geographical and depth distribution of stress orientations.

In two boreholes (at Couy and Soultz), direct comparisons will be made between breakout observations from the IPG imaging tool and those from BHTV, FMS and four-arm dipmeter tools. The results will be compared with direct stress measurements derived from hydraulic tests on pre-existing fractures.

The data will be interpreted primarily in terms of the orientation of the stress field in each borehole as a function of depth, with the findings related to any geological or structural factors known to affect the borehole. The knowledge gained from this research will enable broad interpretive models of the stress field to be constructed.


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