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Proposal for work on EC/US joint study on fuel cycle costs.


This contract is an element in the definition of an accounting framework on a set of fuel cycles. This project is led in parallel with a joint programme of the US Department of Energy. It has the objective to create an unified conceptual design for quantifying the various external costs associated with the production and consumption of energy from different fuel sources.

The inputs into this project would consist of the following parts:

1) Review European social and environmental cost studies to see what can be determined about the social costs of energy. Items to be covered would include impacts on air, water, accidents, buildings and materials, health, forests and climate change.

2) Prepare a synthesis report, based on country studies for Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France, the EFTA group at the conclusion of this phase of the programme. Provide coordinating services for the valuation studies.

3) Provide comments for the Commission on work being undertaken by the Resources for the Future for the United States Government.

4) Select studies from the valuation exercises carried out in the EC, US, for inclusion in the accounting framework, in conjunction with other teams. Attend meeting for discussions.

5) Prepare methodology paper on the quantification of non-environmental externalities of the fuel cycle and participate in quantification work (lead to be taken by University of Louvain).

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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