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Wind turbines installation project on the site of the channel tunnel terminal


Study of the technical and environmental compatibility of 300 kW to 1 MW aero-generators on very busy site, with very stringent safety requirements : the TRANSMANCHE TERMINAL.

The project comprises several stages :

- a risk study, related to the setting-up of aero-generators, i.e. rotor failure , blade wreckage , and calculation of probable impact zone

- jointly with appointed manufacturer, a survey of ways and means to prevent any major crash, the latter to be a 3-level answer range :

. level 1: reinforced maintenance
.level 2: reinforced supervision with stop-order transducers
. level 3: real-time monitoring by permanent comparison of results with a similar dynamic model of machine

- according to allowable risk level on site, and to eligible supervision standards, calculation of minimum safety area

- survey of EUROTUNNELs specific constraints ( safety on roadways, motorways, on railway boarding and TRANSMANCHE crossing areas, and on pedestrian areas on Terminal), and evaluation of allowable noise in vicinity to built or constructible areas.

- calculation of size and number of machines (particularly 30 m to 60 m diameter ones) and of their cost-efficiency, according to wind potential on site

- study of aero-generators integration into architectural style on EUROTUNNEL TERMINAL.

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Agence Regionale de l'Energie Norcalenergie
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