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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Study of European wind power integration


To study the problems with integration of wind farms and their operation in the European utility grids.
A study is being made of the problems associated with integration of wind farms and their operation in the European utility grids. The European Wind Power Penetration Study involves 10 European Community (EC) countries.

The Portuguese studies have shown that for a 200 MW of wind energy no serious stability problems are envisaged following loss of the whole wind system, 3 phase faults or high voltage short circuit. Problems may occur only if reactive compensation levels exceed a certain level. Also in the Greek studies, no serious stability problems were foreseen. The research has identified the maximum level of wind power (4%) which could be connected into a weak network assuming a maximum voltage variation of 5%. The sudden failure of a 1000 MW of wind power would have no significant destabilizing effects although large voltage fluctuations may occur in the Dutch system. System strength has also been investigated with regard to voltage stability which led to the formulation of guidelines for interconnection. Detail stability studies are being carried out for a small Caribbean island containing a wind diesel system. Choosing a correct connection configuration was found to be important with respect to reducing system life time costs.

Reports have been presented on the following:
wind in combination other renewables;
good complementarity among solar, wind and wave energy;
capacity credit for wind photovoltaic (PV) energy in combination in an island situation;
the operation of the system containing wind, hydro and diesel;
wind in combination with biogas and water desalination;
wind and combined heat and power (CHP);
island studies showing no problems with instantaneous penetration of up to 25% power in island grids, equivalent to 10% energy;
wind predictability (establishing common principles for evaluating the value of predictions).

Information is now at hand for wind farm cost and operation in Denmark, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom.
The European Wind Power Penetration Study will be carried out by utilities and utility-related companies, representing 10 of the EC countries. The following subjects will be addressed:

1) Grid interface.
2) System stability.
3) The possibility and the importance of wind predictability.
4) Co-generation of wind farms and other renewables.
5) Wind farm operation.

NB: This contract is part of an important joint study on wind power integration that is specific for each European country. This group covers following contracts: JOUR-CT89-0022; JOUR-CT89-0023; JOUR-CT89-0028; JOUR-CT89-0029; JOUR-CT89-0030; JOUR-CT90-0041; JOUR-CT90-0042; JOUR-CT90-0043; JOUR-CT90-0044; JOUR-CT90-0049; JOUR-CT90-0088.


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