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European wind power integration study: the contribution from United Kingdom


1) Windfarm - Grid Interface: To examine the factors which influence the electrical design of windfarms and compare UK approaches within the EC.

2) Windfarm Cost and operation: To contribute to a data - bank covering windfarm construction and operational costs.

The electrical design of a windfarm needs to take into account:-

- The electrical characteristics of the wind turbines.
- Characteristics of the local transmission network.
- Requirements for minimising disturbances on the network.

A number of issues need to be explored, including the most suitable arrangements for transforming and marshalling the power, whether "soft-start" capacity needs to be provided and whether sequential starting arrangements are needed. A study is proposed to cover the following:-

Load flow distribution
Voltage fluctuation caused by turbulence.
Sequential starting.
Disturbances caused by wind gusts.
Transient disturbances caused by electrical faults.
Temporary over-voltages on disconnection of the windfarm.
Windfarm cost and operation

The boundary, or termination points, of the windfarm will be defined. The following factors will be included:

- Capital costs, including central maintenance facilities, and of transmission strengthening.
- Operation and maintenance costs: these will be obtained as far as possible from actual experience.
- Windfarm energy production statistics.
- Energy and capacity credits.

This information will be presented on a common basis to be defined before the studies commence.

NB: This contract is part of an important joint study on wind power integration that is specific for each European country. This group covers following contracts: JOUR-CT89-0022; JOUR-CT89-0023; JOUR-CT89-0028; JOUR-CT89-0029; JOUR-CT89-0030; JOUR-CT90-0041; JOUR-CT90-0042; JOUR-CT90-0043; JOUR-CT90-0044; JOUR-CT90-0049; JOUR-CT90-0088.


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