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Extension and improvement of the pilot project PELLWORM (Phase I)


One of the objectives of the contractor in this phase of the project is to increase the power output of the plant by at least 100 kWp as this seems necessary in order to obtain optimal performance as regards load requirements.

Other objectives relate to power conditioning systems which have to be well adapted and particularly to the requirements of the utilities.

The methods to be followed by the contractor will be essentially of experimental nature.

Lower tilt angle for the supporting structure of the PV modules which may reduce the mechanical wind loads and the statics requirements.

Investigation will be performed in respect to the requirements of large scale electricity production from solar energy. Therefore the nominal DC-voltage array output will be in a range higher than the DC-voltage of all other pilot plants before.

Research will be done in order to fulfil the needs and requirements for correction to utilities and adequate industrial inverters will have to be modified. The intention is to adapt 12 pulse line commutated inverters, which from the contractor point of view have never been used in PV plants. The contractor claims this type of inverter seems to be an optimal solution to overcome the utilities requirements in respect to harmonic distortions. This will clarify this important aspect of connection to weak grids at the end of transmission lines, conditions which can be found at specially favoured areas for large scale PV plants in Southern Europe.

Development will be done on earthing systems and lightening protection as the problems occurring are different from those in smaller systems.


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