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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Dynamic models of windturbine systems for design purposes


This research is aimed at deriving a model which describes the dynamic behaviour of a complete wind turbine. This model will take into account the present state of art in wind turbine aerodynamics, dynamic behaviour of the electrical conversion part, the rotor blade design and control design. A reduced version of the complete model can be used as a design tool to optimize the wind turbine configuration in order to decrease the fatigue loads and thereby decreasing the economic costs of wind energy.
The most important underlying motivation for wind energy research for large scale energy production is to reduce the price of produced electrical energy.

In order to achieve this aim the dynamic behaviour of the complete wind turbine has to be optimized with respect to:
dynamics of the components;
control system design.
Therefore dynamic models of the complete wind turbine are necessary to obtain an optimized wind turbine system.

One of the very few computer programs capable of simulating the dynamic behaviour of a complete wind turbine system is the DUWECS code.

In this project, the DUWECS model has been extended and validated. The number of available models is increased with a doubly fed asynchronous generator, a detailed flexible rotor and a switching controller framework. The 2-dimensional aerodynamic profile coefficients are adapted to a 3-dimensional wind turbine environment.

The submodels describing the rigid UNIWEX turbine are validated with measurements.

Significant blade root load reduction by application of well designed controllers has been shown. Even if the turbine is not exactly known those controllers comprise a robustly stable wind turbine.
This JOULE project is an extension of the work carried out in the previous Wind Energy Research Programme. In this research project the three project teams cooperate to develop dynamic models of the complete wind turbine system which consist of submodels each describing a part of the turbine.

The research is aimed at:

- the extension of available submodels, both for different type of turbine parts, and for complexity of wind turbine part description;
- validation of the different parts as well as the complete wind turbine model;
- design of controllers such that the fatigue loads can be reduced.


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