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Management of the Communities' intellectual property rights


Specific Objectives:
1. To assess and protect JRC technologies;
2. To maintain, update and exploit the Communities IPR portfolio;
3. To raise awareness and motivation of JRC staff on IP protection issues. Anticipated milestones and schedule 1. IPR guidelines available end February 2003 Review achieved by end April 2003 Evaluation of trademarks, patents and software;
2. General support to JRC and non JRC customers is as requested and on-going;
3.1. One seminar in ISPRA by June 2003;
3.2. Two seminars on other sites by end 2003.
Planned Deliverables:
1.1 IPR internal guidelines on the handling of IPR at the JRC endorsed by the DG;
1.2 List of patents to be kept / abandoned;
1.3 Recommendations for exploitation;
1.4 Recommendations for filing or abandon;
2. IPRs filed License agreements;
3. Three awareness seminars. Output Indicators and Impact Number of patents abandoned 5 trademarks, 5 software, 10 patents filed. User satisfaction 20 IPR filed by end 2003 5 licence agreements income from licensing to cover 25% of patent costs.
Summary of the Action:
The management of the intellectual property owned by the Communities is carried out for and on demand of all Commission services; JRC and ERAIE unit centralise all requests from client DGs in relation to IP protection. In particular it includes activities such as registration and protection of various trademarks of the Communities, keeping software creations under seal and advising clients DGs on various IP Issues.

Activities will encompass:
1.Development of IPR guidelines for JRC researchers Review the last third of Community portfolio patents not reviewed in 2002;
2. On going evaluation of marks, patents and software submitted;
3. General support to JRC and non JRC customers, including: - Support to JRC staff in writing consortium agreements - Legal and technical assistance to JRC institutes - Legal and technical assistance to other DGs - Preparing and processing of the related Commission decisions - Filing of patents, copyrights and trademarks - Ensuring that the various mandatory deadlines and fees are duly respected/paid - Litigation on behalf of the Community (in collaboration with the Legal Service) - Drafting of license agreements;
4. General awareness raising seminars on JRC sites Thematic seminar on specific issues (software, IP issues and Internet). Rationale: The protection and/or dissemination of research results are an obligation under the Treaty and the various Framework Programmes. In particular regarding FP6, the proposed rules for participation foresee that the Commission may substitute itself to a contractor when the interests of the Union are at stake. According to Decision taken by the Commission on the 19th of September 2001 (PV 1536), the JRC is responsible for the management of the Communities' IPR from March 2002. It thus provides a service to all DGs generating IPR. The JRC itself contributes roughly 90% to Community-owned IPR. In addition it has a mandate for the exploitation and commercialisation of its IPR. This mandate implies a closely related IPR management function.

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/computer and information sciences/software

Funding Scheme

JRC - Joint Research Centre research


Directorate for Science Strategy
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