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Technology transfer and innovation promotion


Specific Objectives:
1. Foster entrepreneurship among JRC researchers;
2. Promote spin off creation based on JRC technologies;
3. Promote the exploitation of commercially promising JRC technologies.

Anticipated milestones and schedule:
1. Entrepreneurship training course Announce of the programme: April 2003. Selection of candidates: July 2003. Training: Autumn 2003;
2. Incubator Evaluation report: May 2003 Renewal of incubator contract: June 2003;
3. On-going support to 10 inventors on request Evaluation of past competitions: January 2003 Launch of new competition: April 2003 Launch of new projects: June 2003.
Planned Deliverables:
1. 10 staff trained by the end of 2003;
2. Support to candidate entrepreneurs;
3.1 5 to 10 innovative projects launched with results to be completed by end 2004;
3.2 Support to 10 selected technology transfer projects.

Output Indicators and Impact:
1. Number of spin off projects initiated;
2. 2 Spin offs created by end 2003;
3. 5 licenses obtained by the end of 2003.
Summary of the Action:
The action covers ongoing technology assessment and validation, demonstration, partner search and transfer activities as well as targeted actions in the frame of the European Technology Transfer Initiative (ETTI) . JRC results will be assessed in a continuous way to determine how best to protect intellectual property, whether exploitation is a viable option and whether additional investment is needed. Partner search entails identifying potential markets and customers using in-house expertise, Commission networks, external professional services and market studies where appropriate. Technology transfer projects will be defined with interested customers via license and research contracts. Regular follow-up will provide feedback to scientists, institutes and, where applicable, interested DGs.

In the frame of ETTI, focused measures include an internal entrepreneurship training programme; access to private venture capital investment; the setting up and management of an incubation mechanism and an internal Innovation Project Competition. Rationale The diffusion and exploitation of research results is an obligation under the Treaty. It is also a major objectives of the European Research and Innovation Area, enshrined in the Framework Programme. The JRC generates a number of research results, know-how and has installations that have potential industrial applications. These can contribute to European innovation whether as new products, processes and spin-off companies and can serve as examples of the validation of innovation support mechanisms, thus supporting relevant Community policies. Examples of successful spin off companies can also make it more attractive for high calibre researchers to join the JRC.


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