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KSYSERROR is to develop a program for improving the quality control of bibliographic database records via a knowledge-based error-detection system connected to library networks using client/server architecture. Whilst offering many advantages, networked sharing of records can lead to recurrent copying of incorrect records. The knowledge-based system will be designed to receive records and classify them as correct or incorrect on the basis of errors or inconsistencies likely to affect quality. It will make a key contribution to library information services, and is planned for marketing to libraries making heavy use of networked bibliographic record exchanges.

Technical approach:

The demonstrator will be based on the following technical criteria:

- application of a knowledge-based system designed to detect errors in MARC catalogues;
- compilation of lists of various types indicating the types of corrective action required (mechanical errors, format errors, etc.);
- integration of client-server technology;
- possibility of connection to any network.

The outcome will be two types of file, one containing records which are deemed to be correct, the other containing records which apparently require correction.

Key issues:

The need for enhanced quality control of bibliographic records is clearly felt by library managers. If a library receives large volumes of information over the network, considerable resources often need to be devoted to cleaning up the new files.

The project will need to develop facilities which will significantly reduce the amount of time required for human correction by automating the detection process and, as far as possible, categorising the types of error detected.

Impact and expected results:

Currently there are no products available in the European library sector for contributing to greater efficiency in the area of bibliographic control. There are thus clearly potential users for this type of system at a time when the need to computerise the library has given way to the application of information technology to improve the quality of services libraries offer.

A system which contributes to the quality of the information itself rather than the technical infrastructure will play a key role in improving the services offered in the evolving information society.

On project completion, the knowledge-based system for quality control of bibliographic records will be suitable for application by the project partners. The coordinator intends to develop the system further and to market it to large and medium-sized libraries making extensive use of networked bibliographic record exchanges.

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