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Children in Libraries: improving multimedia virtual library access and information skills


The main objectives of CHILIAS are:
to develop a new concept for European children's libraries of the future as a stimulating environment for innovative learning and creative use of multimedia and networked technology with links to traditional library services.
to enhance the competence of children using interactive multimedia and networked information and communication systems, and to improve their information seeking skills in new learning environments.

Technical approach

The project is developing four complementary and integrated applications, in a WWW environment, namely:
development of a virtual library module
development of an interactive application for creative input from children
development of a discussion and feedback tool for use by children;
development of an information skills tool.

These are being developed in six language versions in each of the participating countries.

Key issues

The main technical issues to be explored are:
design and development of interfaces and user-access to multi-media and networked technology for use by children;
design of virtual children's library and concepts for its representation;
conversion of materials to digital form;
presentation of digital materials;
networked access to and delivery of multi-media based library service;
prototyping skills package supporting information seeking and library navigation tasks

Impact and expected results

Implementations are set up in 6 principal test sites, serving variously children's libraries within public library services and school libraries. 4 of the test sites have contacts to large regional library and school user-bases.

The results will be: virtual children's libraries of multi-media materials, established in different countries; integration of communications and creation applications in the demonstrator; prototype and demonstrator of skills tools; evaluations of usage by children, teachers, librarians.


The main public deliverables are:
Children, Libraries and Information Technology: results of user need analyses, by K. Tuominen (published: Assocation of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities)
Prototype, software and documentation
Validation report;
Dissemination report;
Annual edited report (April 1996-April 1997)
Project final report

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