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Content archived on 2024-05-14

European Libraries and Electronic Resources in Mathematical Sciences


The aim of the project is to provide strictly user-oriented, integrated network based access to mathematical publications. The EULER service intends to offer a "one-stop shopping site" for users interested in Mathematics.

Technical approach

Different types of relevant resources such as:
Bibliographic databases
Library online public access catalogues
Electronic journals from academic publishers
Online archives of preprints and grey literature
Indexes of mathematical Internet resources

will be made interoperable by the use of common Dublin Core based Metadata descriptions. A common user interface - the EULER Engine - will assist the user in searching for relevant topics in different sources in a single effort. The EULER system will be designed as an open, scaleable and extensible information system.

Key issues

Application of standards and non-proprietary technologies such as HTTP, SR/Z39.50 and Dublin Core; interoperability of heterogeneous resources through common resource descriptions of document-like objects.

Impact, users and expected results

The EULER prototype will integrate for-pay (document delivery at libraries, commercial information providers, scientific databases like MATH, commercial electronic journals) and non-for-pay services (library OPACs, preprint and other Internet servers, and some free electronic academic journals) for mathematicians. The integration of all these services will generate an added value for the user with a minimum of additional costs. The new integrated information service will be more attractive for the community of library users from mathematics, as well as for the libraries themselves, than the single services alone. An increase of the use of the integrated services can be expected. But the most important result will be the improvement of access to library related information sources for the scientific community.

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