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Networked European deposit library


The main goal of NEDLIB is to find ways to ensure that electronic publications and documents of the present can be used now and in the future. It will model and demonstrate a basic infrastructure upon which a networked European deposit library could be built.

Technical approach

NEDLIB will develop a model for a generic architecture capable of processing electronic publications regardless of origin or medium, for access either by end-users or by archiving organisations. The model will be implemented and tested in 3 component systems, integrated into the local infrastructures of the participating national libraries and archives: installation system; access system; long-term archival. The integration of these 3 components will be tested in a prototype demonstrator.

Key issues

The main issues to be investigated are:
standards and interfaces for the generic architecture;
electronic document technical data;
authentication and verification of the document;
access controls;
archival maintenance - including emulators, conversions etc.

Impact, users and expected results

For national libraries and archives, NEDLIB will deliver a toolbox for operational management of electronic deposit systems, capable of being embedded in existing infrastructures.

Participating publishers will get feedback on operational control of electronic publications and on tests of new models for delivery and access.

Results will be tools and test-beds of different facets of the deposit process; agreed standards and guidelines of good practice; an integrated demonstrator.


The main public deliverables will be:
functional specifications for deposit system for electronic publications;
general architecture;
deposit guidelines;
prototype system;
final project report.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Koninklijke Bibliotheek

2509 LK The Hague

Participants (5)

Biblioteca Nacional, Portugal
Bibliothèque Nationale de France Agentschap
Helsinki University Library
Nasjonalbiblioteket Rana