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Content archived on 2024-05-14

TRans European Employment


TREE's principal objective is the application of Language Engineering techniques to both gain commercial advantage, and to actively support EU policies.

The EU often stresses its linguistic and cultural diversity as one of its strengths. However many EU citizens find these factors work to their disadvantage. They are denied full access to employment opportunities since jobs are not publicised widely, or in languages they read easily. TREE seeks to correct this using Language Engineering and telematic techniques.

The users are EU citizens in need of employment who live in (or are prepared to move to) parts of the EU where the majority language is not their own. Their foreign language skills are not sufficiently developed so as to make browsing job adverts in other languages easy.

There are several commercial employment agencies now advertising on the Internet. By having an automatic multilingual facility, TREE would have a distinct advantage over its competitors.

The project would be based on the Internet (possibly indirectly), and users would be able to access it as a teleservice, or by using publicly accessible kiosks. Employment adverts will be accepted electronically in several major community languages. Using advanced information analysis techniques, these will be stored into sophisticated, language independent, templates. A goal directed generator will then transform these templates as required into a variety of major and minor community languages. The generator will match the level of detail in the adverts to that of the user's query.

The service will be tested by both public and private employment agencies, and by unrestricted public access.

Progress and results

The project will make its public deliverables available on the Internet World Wide Web ( will be the public results forum.

There will be an in-depth demonstration (Month 21 of the project), and associated public demonstrations will be announced on the Web site.


The project's aim is run a commercially viable WWW service. This would be financed by the advertisers/employers (as all such services are). Charging will not be introduced until the number of users visiting the site merits it.

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