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AVENTINUS supports multilingual communication and information processing. This Advanced Information System for Multinational Drug Enforcement is a translation technology that supports international communication and enhances text and fact retrieval systems by adding multilingual components. AVENTINUS is a series of components to support multilingualism in areas where international relations form a relevant part of the total communication. Components are: Translation technology: -integration of machine translation components in a workflow. MT systems are used which can be tuned towards specialized domains. -translation memories to translate repetitive text segments. -term substitution to offer translation for keywords of foreign language texts, accessing standard term banks. The purpose is to make the content of large volume foreign language texts available very quickly. Information Processing technology: -multilingual extraction of information objects (persons, companies, dates etc.) from texts. -multilingual text retrieval (queries in native language - search in foreign language - translate and present found documents in native language). -combination of textual and structured information types in multimodal dialogues. It supports content processing and provides tools to find and process textual information. Project URL: