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Exploitable results

The System Demonstrator realised in the project has been designed for the desk operators of Public Bodies. It allows access by Natural Language to multiple and heterogeneous databases, with the possibility of consulting a technical dictionary containing the current domain terms and a textual database of norms. Two versions of this system demonstrator have been realised, for the two main consortium partners, which are Social Insurance Institutions respectively in Austria (SVB) and Italy (INPS). Therefore, the system is implemented in two different languages and domains. The verification and validation stages showed a high acceptability of the system by the users, who liked especially the innovative human-computer interaction, coupling the current interface paradigm (Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers) with natural language access. In particular, the use of natural language allows operations even without a deep knowledge of the procedures/domain, enabling even unskilled operators to perform complex tasks. The system has been designed with attention to the modularity of the components, to facilitate their re-use. It has been developed in the Unix environment and then ported to PC-Windows, the user environment. Portability to other domains and environments has also been taken into account. This result has been promoted to several Public Bodies in Italy and Austria and also in France, by a French consortium partner, Cap Gemini Innovation.

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