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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Development of environmentally clean bleaching processes maintaining high strength and brightness properties for different chemical pulps


. objective Explore the possibilites o
f activating* the lignin before bleach
ing in order to drastically reduce the
consumption of chlorine-based chemica
ls (especially elementary chlorine). B
ackground There is a need to decrease
the use of chlorine-based chemicals, e
specially elementary chlorine, in the
bleaching of softwood and hardwood kra
ft pulp, in order to decrease the envi
ronmental impact of bleach plant efflu
ents. The ultimate goal (> year 2000)
comprises bleaching without elementary
There are four major principles availa
ble: 1) Replacement of elementary chlo
rine with chlorine dioxide or other ch
emicals in the sequence 2) Removal and
/or activation of residual lignin befo
re bleaching 3) External treatment of
bleach plant effluents 4) Recycling of
bleach plant effluents to the chemica
l recovery for final destruction.
This project will concentrate on princ
iple 1) and 2). * Activation means a (
chemical) treatment of the pulp in suc
h a way that a subsequent bleaching st
age will give an increased removal of
lignin/bleaching as compared to a nonactivated bleaching.


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