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The general objective of this research project is to apply and improve the ground probing radar(GPR) technique for mineral prospecting and to carry out field experiments in selected mines in Europe (Italy, Germany, and Greece).
The ground probing radar method has become a widely used tool for investigations of shallow targets. Work has been carried out to adapt and improve the method for the purpose of mining exploration. An approach based on synthetic aperture radar was developed. Various small hardware adaptations were made to achieve higher reliability in tough environments. The applicability of direct wave measurements to boreholes or mine tunnels was tested and performance evaluated. The field tests have been studied in detail.
The objectives of this research programme will be achieved in several phases. The principle will be to employ specific expertise and equipment of the contracting partners in the frame of ongoing investigations by the project coordinator. Particularly, geophysicists, geologists, mining engineers, electronics engineers and data processing experts will be involved in the research investigations.

A reevaluation of existing measurements, together with new data from the same areas (Raibl in Italy and Drama in Greece) will be carried out to approximate the best compromise between depth penetration (low frequencies penetrate deeper) and resolution of detail (high frequencies provide better resolution).

The applicability of different frequencies and antenna and receiver designs will be determined for a variety of test sites in different geological situations. Test measurements will be carried out from the surface and from underground mine workings.

Concurrently with the data acquisition as outlined above, computer aided data processing and imaging techniques will be used and adapted for GPR applications (eg synthetic aperture system(SAR)). New software is to be developed as needed.

The results (instrument design, data processing and measuring procedure) will be combined into a standardized GPR procedure for application in mineral exploration.

Milestones of the project will be reached at the following points: after the completion of data reevaluation and comparison with new test data; after the application of the GPR technique to new test sites; and after the adaptation of the technique to various geological environments.


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