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The objective of this project is to efficiently and economically demonstrate that aluminium can be extracted from the reject line of a waste derived fuel plant processing domestic waste.

The sense of this study is to extract aluminium from domestic waste in the reject line of a waste derived fuel plant on an industrial production basis.

The separator can be described as a conventional rotary induction motor, which has been cut along an axial plane and unrolled to give a flat structure capable of including eddy currents in conducting materials passing over its surface. The generation of eddy current in a conductor relies on its being in a time varying magnetic field. The magnetic field induces small electrical currents, each of which has an associated magnetic field which is in opposition to the source magnetic field, depending on both the source magnetic field and the physical properties of one conductor.

An analysis of the various separators being developed and a categorization with regard to capital and operating costs, efficiency, flexibility, robustness, etc, to determine the most suitable machine for operation in the reject stream, will be done.

In order to accommodate the separation system and associated equipment into an operational plant, extensive modification to existing equipment and some modification to the electrical control system and power supply will be studied and developed.

The above point will depend on the squash and bale the cans to increase the payload for transport to the end user and the construction of a storage area for the aluminium until an economical load is produced.

A detailed analysis of the reject stream will be undertaken and it may be necessary to enrich the aluminium content by the removal of other inert materials from the feedstock stream before attempting eddy current separation.

The efficiency of recovery will be determined over a variety of parameters to determine optimum conditions for maximum recovery.

A joint analysis of the recovered aluminium will be undertaken and an assessment of the market for the sale of the non-ferrous metal and the overall economic benefit of the proposal.


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