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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Reflection from the bottom, echo classification and characterisation of acoustical propagation


The final goal of the REBECCA project is to design new
remotely operated devices for the characterisation of bottom structure that could be used either by off-shore engineers or by geologists as well as acousticians. The project objectives will be achieved through several steps:

- the study of the physical phenomena involved in the
acoustical propagation in sediments (reflection,
refraction, and interference waves) through both
theoretical and numerical approaches as well as tank

- sea trials with both existing equipment and equipment
specially designed;

- the processing of sea data in order to validate the
models and to extract relevant information from the
echoes; and

- the design of future remote sensing devices for sediment layer identification.

In order to establish a correlation between the mechanical
characteristics of bottom sediments (obtained by geotechnics and geophysics) and of their acoustical properties (remote
sensing using acoustical means), three different approaches
will be used on the same experimental site:

- geotechnical parameter estimation (from laboratory tests on cored samples or in situ measurements using a
geotechnical module);

- geophysical parameter estimation (from reflection or
refraction of seismic surveys); and

- acoustical parameter estimation (from remote sensing
using acoustical means: steerable parametric array).

The project applications range from geology to off-shore
engineering and to propagation modelling: sediment deposition and erosion, long-range propagation modelling, shallow
investigations of sediments for pipe and cable routes,
detection of obstacles embedded in the sediments, etc.

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