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A pilot tomography system for monitoring the western Mediterranean basin


The overall objective of the project is to conduct studies and a pilot experiment for an acoustic basin-scale monitoring
system in the western Mediterranean. The specific aim is to
test a system that can monitor the seasonal and climate-scale changes of heat content/stratification, which could be used to study the fluxes and redistributions of heat into/within the Mediterranean as well as long-term changes.

The experiment will consist of the deployment of at least 4
tomography transceivers for up to 1 year, including one
powerful source capable of cross-basin acoustic transmissions, and 3 conventional tomography sources (range about 300 km).
The instruments will be moored but generally located close to a steep coast, such that this can serve as a test for possible future shore-based systems. With the acoustic data, the
feasibility of basin-wide transmissions for oceanographic and environmental studies will be tested, and estimates of the
large-scale heat content and stratification will be derived
from the data. A dedicated small-scale acoustic survey will
address the problems which might arise from interaction with shallow and complicated bottom topography. For the design,
analysis, and application of the data, acoustic and
oceanographic modelling studies will be performed, using
historical data, numerical model data and realistic
bathymetry. For verification purposes, also an XBT line across the western basin will be occupied on a regular basis from
ferry or freight line ships.

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