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Ocean-acoustic propagation models


The basic objective of the project is to provide accurate,
valid, and easily-used 3-D models capable of realistically
predicting the propagation of sound in the sea. The models
will have clearly defined domains of applicability, for
example range of frequencies, range of depth, bottom
morphology and quality, etc.

The specific objectives of the project are:

- 3-dimensional integrated numerical models and computer
codes for workstations or personal computers.

- models which will incorporate the key environmental
parameters which influence sound propagation in the sea,
i.e. temperature, salinity, surface roughness, bottom
morphology, sub-bottom structure, range inhomogeneities,
volume attenuation.

- model validation versus actual experimental data and
benchmark problems.

- emphasis on shallow-water propagation models for
frequency ranges from 10-1000 Hz and depth ranges from
10-500 m.

- realistic surface-boundary, bottom-interface and
sub-bottom influences.

A study will be made of the influence of weak inhomogeneities in the water column, that make the problem 3-D. In considering the sea-bottom, influences on propagation in the form of
interface waves and shear waves will be included. Experimental data used in the project for the validation of the models are in existence from MAST I and other previous projects.

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