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Probabilistic methodology for coastal site investigation based on stochastic modelling of waves and currents


The main objectives of this project are to investigate new
short-term stochastic models applicable to the conditions of coastal waters and to establish the relationship between deep water and shallow water stochastic models. This project aims also at improving wind-wave forecast models and hydrodynamic models so as to adequately represent the transformation of
wave characteristics from deep water to shallow water and the current conditions in coastal areas.

Different sites around Europe will be considered and one will be chosen to be the basis for applying the methodology to be developed. For that site, a short term measurement programme will be conducted so as to supply the necessary data to
calibrate hindcast predictions and remotely sensed data. The project will deal with data assimilation, integrating hindcast data with measured data. Remotely sensed data will also be
used to increase the amount of data available. A database will be built with all types of data and will be used to validate and calibrate the stochastic models. Additionally, a
probabilistic based methodology will be developed for site
studies, by considering the uncertainty in the various types of available wave and current data as well as in the relations between deep and shallow water.

In recommending specific stochastic models of wave and current parameters and by showing their applicability in the design of coastal structures and in the management coastal resources,
the project will also contribute to the development of common calculation and design guidelines in Europe, based on the
modern probability-based methods.

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